Monday, January 4, 2010

That´s how it started...way back in 1987

started writing that column for an finish, but europ-wide distributed, independant Magazine called many other similar projects RATBEAT did not survived long...actually I do not know whether the 3rd BOPPIN THE BLUES article I provided to them has ever been published or not.....

Mike Ferry & boneshaker (Live October 06)

This is just a test in collaboration with my good buddy RICKY from the future you´ll find more rare stuff on this recomended blog here:

His blog will focus on 80´s demo´s, most of the stuff has never been published so we´re confident it will please many fans from the old days but not harm any artists or record labels.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We lost some great blogs during the last couple of months...BOPPIN´THE BLUES will be a new source for solid rockin & boppin information in 2010.

Let´s especially remember ROCK HALL, the web place to be be during the last years for all katz and kittenz....
Special "Hello" to Twister and I hope his personal situation will turn to the better soon

A great 2010 to all you !!!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Shakin Stevens - Boppin The Blues + Freddie Fingers Lee,Joe Brown ( Let´s Rock Tv Show)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boppin The Carl himself !!!!

Carl Perkins-Boppin' The Blues.

Crazy Cavan -- 2008 CD fully reviewed

Here we go:
I searched the net, looking around how the perception is on the latest Cavan album looks like; it was not hard to figure out there is pure enthusiasm everywhere....

After listening myself I was wondering whether it really would be a wise decision to start up the BOPPIN THE BLUES blog on it´s way to be the most important -billy blog around (just kidding...) with publishing a opinion so much unpopular and maybe putting me from the start in the corner of beeing niggling....!?

To cut a long story short: It´s not just the cover - it´s imo the whole album which can be called at best "so - so".

Frankly spoken the pure Teddy Boy sound isn´t so much my favorite planet in the universe of RnR but nevertheless I enjoy from time to time listening to some "Dixie", "Ole Black Joe" and related Hymns... and whenever I´m in that mood I pick 1st some classic Cavan, Flying Saucers or Riot Rockers stuff.....

But let´s go into detail:

Groovy at the movie
one of those songs that appears on every Crazy Cavan album several times since their very first beginnings....
only slight differences can be found in the lyrics....
The Teddy Boy Blues
There´s not much I could say about this one beside I´m grateful it´s the only song here with that typical "Teddy Boy here / Teddy Girl there" title...also there´s no "Rebel" track on: thanks !
Bing Bong Boogie
that is what you can expect by looking at the title: a solid boogie which especially lives up by the hard driving lead guitar
No Angie Baby
Whenever it comes to slower Cavan songs there has been an typical beat ever since; this is what you get here....
didn´t listened very carefully to the lyrics but I assume it´s not about the german chancellor, isn´t it...!?
Be my Honey Baby
pls look at "Groovy at the movie"...sorry...
Train I ride
this is a bluesy tune with a nice train feel to it...also here the guitar makes it a winner
Who the Fuck do ya think
the bands influence in their first decade can´t be overestimated, no doubt about it and certainly they were Rebels (maybe they still are) but does using four letter words making them more rebellious in todays times..?
Guess not and trying to stay always young by adapting young peoples attitude and talking their language can quickly
turn into looking silly.....
Bye Bye Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley passed away last year and is sadly missed from most of he deserves any tribute and therefore
I won´t say any bad about this song; actually it´s a good one; off course very much in the Bo Diddley vain.
This Heart´s on fire
strong vocals, typical Cavan style - not creative but solid
Tailor Made
this one will guarantee some nice sing-a-long at the bands live appereances; recommended listening
Cool as my Baby
I risk to repeat myself once more: typical shuffling Cavan sound; could swear I have heard that one by someone else
before....who can give me a hint....?
She´s all right / Peek-A-Boo (Got my eyes on you)
nothing wrong with these two - but nothing exciting as well
Don´t knock what you don´t understand
this comes along in a very traditional style and turn out to be one of the more entertaining ones here, even when I recall the similar "Put a light in the window" has been recorded by the band 15 or 20 years ago....

I have to accept when some people comment my review by using the title of the last song but I feel have not knocked on what I´ve not understood because I simply expected some more creative growth and I don´t like to praise when almost nothing has changed in a 30 years lasting band carreer.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


first review will be about the new Cavan CD; I won´t judge anything by just looking at the cover
...but that one - for sure- deserves to be called one of the ugliest for a long time...imo !
Stay tuned to learn more about the music Mr Crogan recorded....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to Boppin The Blues Rockin Roots Reviews

hey folks, starting soon: you´ll find here frequently reviews of RocknRoll / Rockabilly / Psycho / Western Swing whateverbilly records .
I will review the latest + greatest but also good ole stuff
Yeeeehaw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!