Monday, January 4, 2010

That´s how it started...way back in 1987

started writing that column for an finish, but europ-wide distributed, independant Magazine called many other similar projects RATBEAT did not survived long...actually I do not know whether the 3rd BOPPIN THE BLUES article I provided to them has ever been published or not.....

Mike Ferry & boneshaker (Live October 06)

This is just a test in collaboration with my good buddy RICKY from the future you´ll find more rare stuff on this recomended blog here:

His blog will focus on 80´s demo´s, most of the stuff has never been published so we´re confident it will please many fans from the old days but not harm any artists or record labels.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We lost some great blogs during the last couple of months...BOPPIN´THE BLUES will be a new source for solid rockin & boppin information in 2010.

Let´s especially remember ROCK HALL, the web place to be be during the last years for all katz and kittenz....
Special "Hello" to Twister and I hope his personal situation will turn to the better soon

A great 2010 to all you !!!!!!!!